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@GOLDGoldSilvBullFA0MY 2018 CONQUER CANCER RIDE - HELP DONATE12/11/17 09:32am
@GOLDLearning CurveFA0Stock Review for Gold's Investors12/08/17 08:17am
@JOKEhubcitFA0copper mountain for skiing video youtube08/28/17 08:17am
@TRADING RULESfullhouse101TA0Re: Linda Raschke’s Technical Trading Rules07/18/17 11:41pm
@COMPUTERSLiamFA0google chrome translation06/04/17 07:11pm
@COMPUTERSMooserFA0ai and ae04/24/17 02:08am
@WEEDred~oneFA0Okay03/20/17 07:52pm
@GOLDGoldSilvBullFA0A Request For Your Support - Ride to Conquer Cancer03/14/17 04:25pm
@JOKElassiFA1Nigerian prince needs help02/24/17 06:46am
@GOLDGoldSilvBullFA0Support My 2017 Conquer Cancer Ride12/24/16 08:14am
@GOLDMarcelFA0Re: The uptrend report - time to buy goldies12/02/16 01:24pm
@TRADING RULESPostmanTA0Re: Linda Raschke’s Technical Trading Rules11/30/16 01:08pm
@GRAPHITEDogFA0Graphite Mining Outlook For 2016: Double digit growth...11/27/16 06:33pm
@TRADING RULESDogFA1Linda Raschke’s Technical Trading Rules11/27/16 06:03pm
@GOLDMarcelFA0Re: The uptrend report - time to buy goldies11/10/16 01:43am
@JOKEhopingFA1Joke10/28/16 03:03pm
@WEEDred~oneFA0Re: Sample...today on the CSE10/25/16 09:01pm
@WEEDred~oneTA0Sample...today on the CSE10/20/16 09:27pm
@WEEDred~oneFA0List of MMJ stocks via link10/20/16 07:58pm
@WEEDred~oneFA1Crazy Volatility...Crazy Gains10/20/16 07:09pm
@JOKELynx222FA1How to start a fight...09/29/16 07:07pm
@JOKELynx222FA0The Red Phone09/22/16 04:12pm
@GOLDLynx222TA1The uptrend report - time to buy goldies09/07/16 10:01pm
@COMPUTERSarkaroolaTA0Chiefnews login Issues with Chrome08/23/16 09:11am
@GOLDGoldSilvBullFA0Support MY CONQUER CANCER RIDE 2016 - For Cancer Research03/26/16 07:50am
@HEALTHYLIVINGprospect88FA0Documentary Sheds Light on the Benefits of Vitamins02/22/16 03:21pm
@HEALTHYLIVINGbrutus2005FA0Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Huber about GMOs01/24/16 05:33pm
@NEWMEMBERbrutus2005FA0Re: Freezin01/17/16 11:56am
@HEALTHYLIVINGbrutus2005FA1Glyphosate, Disease and Chemical Brain Drain 01/09/16 02:30pm
@GOLDGoldSilvBullFA0MY 2016 CONQUER CANCER RIDE. Receive tax receipt in 2015!!12/26/15 10:09am
@NEWMEMBERFreezinFA2Freezin12/15/15 02:22pm
@JOKETradingChiefFA3Old Copper wiring12/08/15 08:44am
@WEEDprospect88FA0Liberal government's throne speech promises to 'legalize....12/06/15 01:14pm
@GOLDGoldSilvBullTA0Rick Ackerman....changed from now 3 years to "LONG GOLD"....12/04/15 10:56am
@JOKEBeemerTA2Tax System and Beer11/23/15 05:45pm
@GOLDbrutus2005FA0Andrew Maguire Interview10/31/15 07:49pm
@2015 PICKSarkaroolaFA0sell FB Oct 2710/27/15 04:59pm
@JOKELynx222FA2Favourite animal09/14/15 08:27pm
@JOKELynx222FA2John Cleese on threats in 2015 Europe09/14/15 08:26pm
@GOLDbrutus2005FA1Andrew Maquire Interview 08/29/15 09:33am
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