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What you get and why you get it!!


  1. We are all adults here
  2. We are not followers, every one of us have opinion
  3. We know what Due Diligence really is, and do it
  4. We are respectful of one another
  5. We protect each other from pumpers, bashers, and people that drool while posting
  6. We ban multiple aliases, no second chances are given unless the Moderators feel we have been to harsh
  7. as Jon Stewart said to Cramer, QUOTE- "this is not an effing game its peoples lives". ENQUOTE We could not agree more!!
  8. Games are what are played on other boards. We do not play games here.
  9. We are all friends here. We work together everyday and try to help each other make money. Frontrunners are exposed and tossed. Momentum creators are exposed and tossed. People that use our members to try to get a stock going are tossed.
  10. Members are honest here. if you ask them for a straight answer they will give you a straight answer -but, its opinion.
  11. We purposely quell any over exuberance on boards. So that clear thought is always present and pumpers and bashers cannot capitalize on hysteria.
  12. We protect our members. We have no interest in threats and will support our members from over exhuberant people.
  13. We have fun while trading and investing. That is what it should be.
  14. We do not allow personal attacks. We have a protocol. It is one of professionalism. If someone is upset with a post, we act as an intermediary between the person that feels libeled and the person.
  15. Anyone posting a threat, is banned, no if, buts about it, they are gone.
  16. We trust our members, we believe in them and so far after 5 years only one person has let us down, and that person is gone.
  17. We do not receive, options, warrants, favors from any listed company. We have one ad space it is above each forum. A company can buy the space and place their company banner their with a link to their website. we have no need or want to promote them. This makes for an awkward business plan but we intend on taking the moral high road to success.
  18. Are we as honest as we say? Yes we are. You have all been on boards long enough to sense who is hose-ing you and who is not. Give us a try, I can assure you it it a refreshing environment.


Why do we charge $20 Canadian a Month?

  1. It costs $2400 a month to keep this site running
  2. We want a member owned site. As TradingChief.Com grows we want our paid members to benefit.
  3. $20 allows us to continue to build a bigger and better site that belongs to the members, everyone shares in the success and failures of the site.
  4. The $20 payment is broken down as -.88c  fee from paypal, -$2.60 for the new blended /Harmonized tax =  ~ $16.50. of that, about $13.00 goes to server, data, and news feeds and $3.50 goes to programmers.
  5. We have no visions of grandeur, if they appear we will be thankful, if they do not, then we have accumulated so many friends on TradingChief that we do not care. Sometimes believe it or not, its not about the money, its about the people you meet and trade and invest with.



TradingChief.Com has ONE CONFLICT OF INTEREST with Publicly Traded Companies. We allow a paid clickable banner on each Companies forum. This revenue is used to help us add more and more toys to the site (as of April 1 2010 we still have not launched this program).

TradingChief.Com Fee Structure

TradingChief.Com has NO access to ANY of your personal or Financial data EVER, we use PayPal for all Transactions, they take All Major Credit Cards and also PayPal account payments for us!

$20 Canadian Per month ( NO Auto Debit) if you want to join for a second month you have to repay, or your membership expires. We do that because some members take a month or two off for summer.

$60 for 3 months.( NO Auto Debit) This allows you to pay when you know you will be a member for at least 3 months and stops you from having to renew

$120 for 6 months,( NO Auto Debit).

$240 for 1 year ( NO Auto Debit).

Why no Auto-debit? Well I personally Hate Auto-Debit! if I dislike what I am paying for, I don't want to have to fight with a company to stop them from taking my money!! I have this never ending feeling they will screw me buy withdrawing money before I can stop them!! TradingChief.Com doesn't like it either, so you pay when YOU want.


What you get! This is one member opinion, not ours, as to why you should join.(We agree!!)

The part you are missing from not paying the $20 a month are:

#1) The use of ChiefNews feed, the best in the business, We have just added ChiefNews ULTRA. ULTRA allows members that cannot attend chat, to see what we are playing on ChiefChat. For people at work who would like to trade and have no access to streaming data and just need a HEADS UP , CHIEFNEWS ULTRA is for you. ChiefNews ULTRA has two feeds. One to your desktop as an EXE file. The other directly as an html file from our server(WE ULTRA). The WEB ULTRA feed bypasses all Corporate firewalls and gives you streaming RT news and Heads UP Feeds.

#2)ChiefChat, place where 150 or so traders meet every day during trading hrs, the power  of "eyeballs is awesome", we don't miss many of the hot plays believe me, many also do fantastic DD and share it with the group, one trade gleamed from this info and you can pay for 10 yrs to the site

#3) ChiefSearch, you want to do some DD? with this feature type in some choice search words and you can find information on stocks in seconds. that it would take you ChiefSearch scans over 53,000 websites, for matching words. It is the Google(tm) Search of the Stock Market. if you want to know what companies have a Silver Mine in Jalisco Province of Mexico, No Problem. ChiefSearch scans 370,000 News Release, 83,000 Websites, 143,000 Member DD sections, and all the Bulletin Board for your word combinations.

CEO TradingChief.Com
We also have a Partner, his name is Liam, he posts under the alias Arkaroola and
runs the automated service ChiefBot, so technically he has two aliases, the "Bots" and his own.

Here are Members Comment about TradingChief.Com

The tools and bells and whistles on this site is endless. All for the price of $20 a month !! It's a steal, if the site cost $200 a month I would pay it. There simply is nothing else out there that can offer this kind of value. People wake up, you think you are saving $20 a month by not joining? Let me tell you something, you are costing yourself thousands of dollars a year in missed opportunity's !!!

 I cannot say enough about the value of TCC. The members are upstanding individual investors with a real going concern for the greater good of all members.
After the first month, I paid for my next year in advance FWIW.
Stock information is posted on a Technical and Fundamental basis and all points of view are issued with respect for other opinions.
To all my fellow members...Thanks for your efforts. To the Chief, thanks for the awesome site!!!


I have to say that I've been very fortunate to come across this website. It has contributed immensely to my learning and earning. There is not one day that goes by where I don't learn something new about investing/trading.
The tools that we can use to scan, find and analyze stocks are the best out there.
On top of that the members here give outstanding contributions.
I would like to thank Chief for all of his hard work and support in creating such a wonderful community.


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